Bankruptcy Check Singapore

Bankruptcy Check Singapore

When dealing with job applications, one thing that you try so hard to do is to get to know the individuals involved as much as possible. You’ll be welcoming yet another addition to your company; the last thing you want is to end up hiring the wrong person.

One of the metrics in judging whether or not the candidate is fit for your company is by looking into their financial history. Take note that financial viability tells so much about a person. If the nature of your company requires utmost security, we can’t stress enough the importance of a bankruptcy check. This doesn’t apply to hiring people only, it can also be very beneficial when it comes to working with other companies and organisations.

When do you need a bankruptcy check?

Is it always necessary to include this to your background check phase?

There are certain situations where we strongly advise conducting a bankruptcy check.

First, if the position entails considerable financial risks. Examples of this are positions like accounting or managerial, or anything at all that involves company finances or important assets.

Another relevant scenario is when you’re planning on a venture that involves other companies or businesses. This may be an investment opportunity or when you are having business with a supplier. In short, we recommend this type of background check in whatever financial traction you will conduct.

What are the advantages of conducting bankruptcy checks?

There are several advantages if you incorporate bankruptcy and credit check into your process.

Protecting your company from risky talent acquisitions and transactions

We are not just talking about financial risks here. Remember that by adding more to your workforce or by entering a partnership, you are exposing not just yourself but also part or the whole of your company and workforce. Part of our responsibilities is to make sure that everyone in the company is safe from any kind of threat.

Avoiding involvement with fraudulent individuals and businesses

No one would wants to get involved in situations where our loyalty and trustworthiness will be put in question. The worst-case scenario would be you endangering your job because of things that could have been avoided. Protect yourself by making sure that you’re dealing only with reliable parties.

Ensuring the best people to join your company or partnership

This is your main goal after all: to acquire new talents who will be able to contribute greatly to the growth of your company.

Maintaining your company or organisation’s financial health

By hiring or dealing with reliable and dependable people, you are taking consistent steps towards a much healthier financial shape.

What we do at SG Employee

Your safety and growth are our main priority. With that in mind, we always offer customisation of our services. What does that mean? It makes sure that everything we do for you is planned according to your specific needs and requirements. No two companies are the same.

We commence our work after assessing and discussing your objectives. Relevant measures will be taken and we will go far and wide just to get the information you need. As a result, we will provide you with a comprehensive report. We don’t like wasting anybody’s time. Therefore, we get right to the issues that are worthy of concern, thus summarising the report for you. How we present our findings to you is just as important as the information itself. That means we see to it that our report is organised in a straightforward manner.

At SG Employee, we are confident with and proud of our team’s expertise. And we can’t wait to show you what we can do. Give us a call sometime and let’s talk about what you need.

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