Dependant Pass Singapore

Dependant Pass Singapore

Singapore has always been open to professionals who have great dreams and incredible potential. Those who qualify for the criteria set by the government are given opportunities to develop and pursue their ideas and skills in the country. Aside from the competitive environment where foreign nationals find growth, there are other benefits one can enjoy. Among which is allowing your family to be with you in Singapore through their Dependant Pass.

What is a Dependant Pass Singapore?

A Dependant Pass is offered to the family members of a foreign national holding an EP or S Pass. Like any other work permits and visas in Singapore, there are documents you need to secure and process to follow in order to attain it.

Dependant Pass Fast Facts

Whom is it for?

Family members of EP and S pass holders who reach the requirements can apply for a Dependant Pass.

How long is it valid?

As long as the EP and S Pass it is tied to is valid, the Dependant Pass also is.

How long does it take to process a Dependant Pass application?

You can either do it manually or through online. The former takes around 8 weeks while the former, 3 weeks.

Can you apply for any kind of job?

Yes, granted that you have a Letter of Consent.

What is the role of the employer?

The Dependant Pass should be sponsored by the owner of the EP pass connected to it.

Can your children go to school in Singapore if you have a Dependant Pass?

Yes, school-age children who have a Dependant Pass are given the privilege to enrol to a public school.

What are the requirements of Dependant Pass Singapore?

The most important requirement is there must be a family member who holds an EP or S Pass. The individual must be earning at least S$6,000 per month. Finally, there must be a registered company in the country that will act as the sponsor for the pass. This is usually the EP or S pass holder’s employer.

How the process looks like

Again, there’s a proper process that must be followed in applying for a Dependant Pass.

Application. As mentioned above, there are two ways to submit your application. However, doing it online is more common and practical. This is usually done by the sponsor company or the agency. Processing will immediately proceed once the fee has been paid.

As a sign of your pass’ approval, you will receive an IPA or in-principle letter from MOM. There’s one important details about this IPA that you must know as early as now: as the candidate for the DP, you are required to be in Singapore to request the issue of the pass. The allowed duration with which you can do this differs according to the type of pass the DP is connected to. For those individuals whose family member holds an EP, PEP, or EntrePass, the duration is 6 months. If it’s the S Pass for you, you only have 1 month to request the issue. Furthermore, there are documents and information needed in order to successfully request the issue of the DP:

  1. Passport details of the Dependant Pass holder
  2. If applicable, details of the pass the candidate is currently holding.
  3. The delivery address in Singapore
  4. Contact details of the candidate as well as another authorised person who may receive the delivery detail alerts.
  5. Payment.

Take note that the government may decide to request additional documents like your immigration white card or the results of your medical examinations. It’s important that you are ready to present these.

Notification letter. You will receive a notification letter which will mainly allow you to work or travel back and forth Singapore without having to apply for different passes every time. The catch, however, is it’s only valid for 1 month. The notification letter will also contain information or instructions whether or not you will be required to register your fingerprints and photos, which within 2 weeks after the issuance of the DP.

Receipt of the Dependant Pass. Your DP will be delivered to the address you provided in number 2 4 working days after you’ve registered your fingerprints and photo.

If your application for a Dependant Pass has been rejected, it’s still possible to appeal if new information can be presented. Same with the application submission, it should be handled by employer or employment agent and must be done within 3 months after receiving the decision.


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