Letter of Consent (LOC)

MOM Letter of Consent

Being able to bring your family with you in Singapore through a Dependant’s Pass or Long Term Visit Pass may be among the perks of your visa. However, time may come when a family member will feel the need to look for their own jobs. Or it may have been the plan in the first place. In any case, you are now at that moment when you need to start looking into your options. One of which is getting a letter of consent or LOC from the Ministry of Manpower.

What is Letter of Consent?

A letter of consent can granted to family members of foreign nationals who are working in the country through an EP or S Pass. But, as mentioned earlier, they must be DP or LTVP holders themselves. The LOC allows them to seek work opportunities in S’pore.

Here are some LOC fast facts

Who applies for an LOC?

The application of an LOC should be handled by the candidate’s employer or employment agent.

Who are eligible to apply for an LOC?

There are two things to know if one is eligible to be a candidate for an LOC:

  1. If they are a DP / LTVP / LTVP+ holder; and
  2. If they meet the requirements set by MOM

How long is the LOC valid?

It all depends on how long you stay in your company. The moment your employment situation is terminated, the LOC loses its validity.

Can you start working while waiting for your LOC to be processed?

No. You can only start by the time your employer receives the LOC.

Letter of Consent application process

  1. Written consent. This is the first document that should be accomplish. You must provide a written consent to your employer stating that you authorise them to submit and process your LOC application.
  2. Submit application. This can be done by your employer online. All they need to do is fill out the application form and submit.
  3. Check status. Checking of your LOC application status will be available around a week after submission. However, other steps may have to be taken, delaying the availability of this feature.
  4. Verification and approval. MOM will take the necessary verification steps in order to approve your application. Once approved, you will be able to print it by accessing the document online.

You may be excited to start with your new job, we’re excited for you too! If you have any questions regarding LOC, feel free to contact us.


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