PR Application Singapore

PR Application Singapore

As one of the centres of entrepreneurial development, a Singapore residency has been sought out by thousands from all over the world. It entails limitless possibilities in terms of lifestyle and career. If you are someone who seeks out greatness in all facets of life, it won’t be a surprise that you’re now looking into your very own Singapore PR application.

About PR Application in Singapore

Before you embark on your journey, there are things you must know about Singapore PR. First, it takes about 6-12 months. This is very important especially those who are holding temporary work permits. Determining the timeline of your application will help you balance things out while you’re still waiting for the approval.

Next, you must take note that this does not only entail the benefits; becoming a Singapore permanent resident also means that you have a number of responsibilities towards the whole Singapore society.

For instance, if you are planning to include your sons as well, they will eventually have to enlist to the national service upon reaching the right age. After that, they also have to render a 2-year service once they reach 18. These are just some of the responsibilities you need to prepare yourself for.

Benefits of Getting a Singapore PR

We have touched the surface of how you can benefit from becoming a permanent resident. But let’s dig deeper into what you should expect.

  1. You will be allowed to enter and leave Singapore without any type of visa or permit. The Blue Card you’ll receive upon approval will serve as your identification.
  2. If you have a family, you can include them in your application given that your children are below 21 years old.
  3. You can change jobs whenever you have to. You may have been used to work permits already. But with a PR, you no longer have to apply over and over again whenever you need to apply for another job.
  4. You will be eligible to apply for different types of loans that will help kickstart your new life in the country.
  5. And finally, you’ll gain the chance of being a full Singapore citizen. This means that you’ll exercise the same rights as natural-born Singaporeans. However, you will need to spend a number of years before you can work on this application.

How you can get your application approved more easily

You will need help from experts

What you should avoid is playing this by the ear. Aside from being a long process, a Singapore PR application can also be costly, sometimes unnecessarily so if you lack the guidance from professionals.

We will be able to help determine your eligibility, inform you of what to expect in every step of the process, and of course, we will cover all grounds in order to avoid any stumbling block.

As professionals who have been in the business for quite some time now, we can help you maximise what you have to improve your chances of approval.

Here are the things we’ll look into

  • Your education
  • How long you’ve stayed in Singapore
  • How you are doing financially
  • How stable your job is
  • Credibility of your employer
  • Your conduct in the eyes of the law
  • Finances
  • Blood relations in the country
  • Involvement in the community

By examining these things, we’ll know where you stand in your application as well as how we can boost your chances.

You will have to duly accomplish all required documents

It will also help if you have others you can present. With our help, we’d be able to pick out the things that will polish your application.

You will need to write a stellar cover letter

One mistake many commit is being nonchalant with the cover letter. You have to bear in mind that there is a great deal of competition in getting a PR. You’re not the only one who has the dream of becoming a permanent Singaporean resident. To make sure that you have a solid ground, we’ll be hands-on in helping you create the best cover letter.

Are you ready to begin your journey towards being part of the Singapore society? Give us a call. Let’s talk more about it.

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