S Pass Singapore

S Pass Singapore

Working and living in Singapore is a dream shared by many. With the amount of opportunities to find, it’s surely a place where you can develop your professional career. One of the visas you can apply for if you’re aiming to work in Singapore is the S Pass. What is it, how can you apply, and what are the requirements? Here are the things you must know about S Pass Singapore.

What is an S Pass?

One of the work visas foreign nationals can apply for is the S Pass and it’s for mid-skilled professionals who are able to meet the criteria set by the MOM.

S Pass Singapore Fast Facts

Who are eligible for an S Pass?

Mid-skilled professionals who are able to meet the criteria set by the MOM.

Can I apply for my own S Pass?

Your S Pass application must be submitted by your company or employment agent.

Is there are required minimum salary?

There’s a minimum fixed salary of at least S$2400 per month.

How long is it valid?

An S Pass is valid for 2 years.

What happens if I changed jobs?

If you decide to change jobs, your new employer will have to submit and process another S Pass application.

What are the S Pass requirements?

There are three main requirements to be eligible for the S Pass. First is the required salary. Second is the degree, diploma, or technical certificates. However, if you’re going to submit a certification, it should cover at least a year of full-time study. And the third is the work experience related to the job you’ll be doing in the country.

How does the process look like?

Submit application. Your company or employment agent will submit an application. They can do it manually but submitting it online is faster.

Approval or rejection. After around 3 weeks of submitting the online application for an S Pass, you will receive a letter of rejection or approval. If your S Pass is approved, your company or employment agent will send an IPA or in-principle approval letter to you, which will grant you a single-entry visa. You will need to enter the country within 60 days.

Issuance of the S Pass. Aside from getting you into the country within 60 days, your company or employment agent also has to request the issuance of your pass. Here are the information that should be presented in the request:

  1. Passport details of the candidate
  2. Insurance details of the candidate
  3. Details of the immigration pass
  4. Candidate’s address in Singapore
  5. Delivery address
  6. Contact details (of the candidate and/or authorised recipient)
  7. Notification letter. After requesting the issue of your S Pass, you will receive a notification letter that may or may not require you to register your fingerprints and photo. For this verification step, please prepare all the required documents (passport, appointment letter, notification letter, etc.)
  8. Delivery of your S Pass. 4 working days after the verification, your S Pass will be delivered to the address you provided.

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