Social Media Check

Social Media Check

There are countless advantages when you rely on thorough background checking to determine the eligibility of your applicant. The sad truth is, there are always a possibility of discrepancies in this aspect of talent acquisition that can negatively affect your company in the long run. To prevent that from happening, a rigid and systemic process should be adopted.

Background checks, with all its complex aspects are made much easier with the help of social media. We have to admit, it’s a rich source of information if you want to get to know an applicant before welcoming them to the fold.

Understanding its relevance in the modern times, social media check is one of the background checks we do here are SG Employee.

Why can’t I do my own social media check?

It is quite easy to access social media accounts of almost anyone. However, there are several reasons why we discourage any private company or individual from doing their own social media checks.

Some information is private or protected

It may well be displayed as public, but there are still pieces of information in a social media profile that is considered protected. What happens if you use a certain piece of information to forego the hiring of an applicant? There is a possibility that you’ll find yourself in messy situations like facing a discrimination lawsuit.

Some social media accounts are fake

People will do everything they can in order to appear in a good light when applying for jobs. Of course, that’s normal and expected of everyone. However, there are those who fake information about themselves so they’ll be more suitable for the position they’re eyeing. One of the most common things they do is set up a fake social media account. Some of these are quite hard to spot because they’re well maintained. At the end of the day, you might hire someone thinking they’re the perfect candidate when in fact, it’s just based on a façade they’ve created.

What can you do to avoid this? Hire us to do professional social media checks for you. Here are what we do:

All social media platforms

We don’t limit our background check with the most popular social media platforms. Instead, we make sure to allot time in looking into even the most obscure ones. This allows us to paint the clearest possible picture for you.

In-depth social media checks

We are nothing without our in-depth background checks, which are the foundation of our company. With the tools and methodologies we use, we are sure to extract the information you need for your purposes.

Tailored according to your needs

Every company has unique needs. There’s no framework that works perfectly for everyone. That’s we make sure that we include customization in our process, which allows us to address the main concerns of our clients.

Structured reports

One of the difficult parts in gathering information through social media checks is how unstructured the data is. Suffice to say, it’s all over the place. To make it much easier for you to digest, our reports are structured in a way that will make sense to you. We pride in the fact that it won’t take a lot of effort to understand what our data is trying to say: it’s factual and straightforward.

What do we look out for?

What are the things we try to focus on in our social media checks? We like to cover all grounds, but the following have high priority:

  • Professional attitude and behaviours
  • Discriminatory tendencies
  • Illegal engagements
  • Violent and sexual behaviours
  • Behaviours not in line with the company

Benefits of professional social media checks

How can your company benefit if you hire professionals to do background checks for you?

You will be informed of the red flags before you even encounter them

It can be a great hassle if you found out later that the employee you just hired is not professional, exhibits violent behaviour, or has low regard to authorities. What’s worse is if you learned that the signs have been there all along, all you had to do is look.

Avoid wasting time and resources

Again, you don’t want to hire the wrong people for the job. It’s exhaustive of your resources. Remember that once it’s done, the time and effort you’ve put in won’t be brought back anymore.

Protect your company

This is perhaps the worst-case scenario. By hiring the wrong people, you are exposing your company to danger. Prevent that from happening. Hire SG Employee to provide you with all your HR needs.

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